How to Shrink Jeans with Spandex

We will be talking about how to shrink jeans with spandex in this guide but at first, we will actually like to know what spandex is.

How to Shrink Jeans with Spandex

We won’t be talking about what jean is since almost everyone knows what jean is and also almost everyone has a jean.

But as for spandex, it is a man-made fiber that is well-known and acknowledged for its outstanding and remarkable elasticity.

Spandex is lightweight and its main purpose in clothes is to make them stretchable. It is commonly known to be used to make clothes like sportswear.

So, in this guide, we will be talking about ways and methods we can use in shrinking jeans with spandex.

This guide will also entail details and procedures to follow in shrinking jeans with spandex. We will also talk a little about the benefits of spandex in clothes.

Since we already know what spandex is, we will like to talk a little about its benefits to give us more understanding of it.

Benefits of Spandex

  • It gives clothes good shape and causes no wrinkling.
  • It makes the cloth have a good and outstanding elasticity ability.
  • It does not fade quickly compared to other fibers and has good dyeability.
  • It makes the cloth possess the ability to stretch many times and also regain its original size.

The above benefits of spandex also apply to jeans with spandex and which gives us more understanding about what we want to learn how to shrink.

Shrinking Jeans with Spandex – Ways and Methods of Shrinking Jeans with Spandex

Jeans with spandex do not shrink due to the normal washing but it is possible to shrink under hot temperature which also means they can shrink in hot water.

The popular and important procedure to follow when shrinking any clothing materials especially jeans with spandex is to check and read its tag or label.

This is to know the type of materials your cloth is made of and gives you more understanding of how to shrink it.

Jeans with spandex are shrinkable in the wash but this has to be done with hot water i.e. you have to wash your jeans with spandex in a hot-water wash.

This will surely cause it to shrink a bit and if your desired size and shape isn’t gotten yet, you can move it to dry it by using a dryer in its highest temperature setting.

It is very sure that this will shrink your jeans with spandex to some extent if not more than what you desired which is why you should monitor it always not to cause damages to your cloth.

To list the ways and methods to shrink jeans with spandex. Jeans with spandex can shrink by washing them but this must be done under certain conditions.

It can also shrink by drying it mostly in the dryer with a very high temperature and it should be left there for a good amount of time.

How to Shrink Jeans with Spandex – Wrap Up

Above are the easiest and cheapest ways and methods to shrink jeans with spandex.

There are surely other ways on how to shrink jeans with spandex.

Although, it is advisable to be careful on you shrink your jeans with spandex no matter the procedure you choose to follow.

This is to avoid causing any damage or totally damaging your cloth in this process of shrinking it so, this will be it on this guide about how to shrink jeans with spandex.

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