How to Shrink Polyester Clothes

This guide will be about how to shrink polyester clothes. Although, there have been some controversies on whether polyester clothes can shrink or not.

And these controversies will be clear in this guide as well as how to shrink polyester clothes which we will also go through.

How to Shrink Polyester Clothes

Polyester is a very good choice of material to be used for clothes and it is purely a man-made fabric.

Normally, polyester is said to withstand shrinking which explains the reason why it is strong and firm.

Although, polyester normally withstanding shrinking doesn’t mean and state that it can’t be subjected to shrinking.

It is very possible and likely to shrink polyester clothes which is why this guide is here to show and help you learn the perfect and ideal way to shrink polyester clothes.

Polyester is used for so many things like making clothes, bed materials, cushions, and footwear. It also possesses a number of beautiful properties.

Properties like the ability to dry quickly, it is easy to wash and also to dye. All these are great evidence that polyester has lots of benefits.

However, polyester doesn’t go without having some disadvantages. It is not all that perfect. One of its disadvantages is its resistance to shrinking.

Polyester cannot shrink generally. But in spite of the fact that it resists shrinking, it is still very possible to shrink polyester clothes.

How to Shrink Polyester Clothes

How to Shrink Polyester Clothes – Ways to Shrink Polyester Clothes

There are ways and methods to shrink polyester clothes and as stated before that this guide will be about learning how to shrink polyester clothes in an ideal way and manner.

One of the basic ways to shrink polyester clothes is to first read the label of the cloth for the rules to be followed before, after, and while washing it.

The label of clothes is where the instructions to be followed are. It contains how to wash your polyester cloth and what fibers your cloth is made of.

It is preferable to soak your polyester cloth in hot water at first because this doesn’t cost anything or stress and can be done at home with little or no equipment at all.

Leave your polyester cloth inside the hot water in a bowl or whatever you can use to soak it till the water becomes cold.

You can then bring it out then squeeze it properly and carefully. You can now use the washing machine to wash your polyester cloth.

And for proper and better shrinkage of your polyester cloth, you can consider setting your washing machine in its longest washing cycle.

Put it in the dryer after washing and rinsing it. And the dryer should also be set at its high-temperature level.

And it should be noted that using the dryer to dry your polyester cloth will also shrink your cloth more.

This means that using the dryer is also another way and method to shrink polyester clothes. But if you have achieved your desired size before putting it in the dryer, you can consider drying your cloth outside or using the low-temperature level.

Bring your cloth out from the dryer then use the iron to straighten it and your iron should be in its low heat settings in order not to damage your polyester cloth.

How to Shrink Polyester Clothes – Wrap Up

It is very clear now that polyester clothes do not shrink easily most especially pure polyester but this does not mean it can’t shrink.

You just need to follow the right and correct procedures to shrink your polyester clothes without damages.

And to be noted, there are still ways to shrink polyester clothes, this guide on how to shrink polyester clothes is just detailed with basic methods and procedures.

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