How to Shrink Rayon

Rayon has been becoming popular as the day goes by which is also what the guide is about. This guide centers on how to shrink rayon.

How to Shrink Rayon

However, let’s talk about rayon. It will be more understandable to firstly talk about what we are about to learn how to shrink.

What is Rayon?

Rayon is a fabric artificially made and prepared largely from fibrous materials. These fibrous materials are derived and obtained from various kinds of wood, agricultural produce, and so on.

Rayon is a very tender and delicate fabric that can basically be subject to shrinkage when exposed to heat.

And this also means rayon is vulnerable and susceptible to heat but not only heat can cause it to shrink.

Washing rayon can also cause it to shrink. The most popular type of rayon is viscose.

Viscose is practically part of every clothing material in every home.

Rayon can be used to produce a lot of clothing materials like shirts, skirts, denim, jackets. And the method of shrinking every type of rayon is basically the same.

Rayon is a good absorber of moisture i.e. rayon possesses the ability to absorb moisture and it can also modify and alter its shape and size [it can basically change its shape and size].

How to Shrink Rayon – Ways and Methods of Shrink Rayon
Here are some amazing ways to shrink rayon clothes and fabrics.

By Washing

Washing rayon can naturally cause it to shrink because it is very vulnerable when exposed to water.

Wash your rayon using your hand and leave it to soak in the water. And it is advisable to leave it soaked in the water for a very good amount of time.

This is to allow the shrinking of the rayon to occur and also not to damage the material. Hand washing rayon is not the only way to shrink it.

A washing machine can also be used to shrink rayon. And wash your rayon in a warm or hot setting in your washing machine to cause shrinking on a large scale.

By Drying

After washing your rayon, drying your rayon naturally can also cause it to shrink but this will also have a little effect i.e. it will only cause a little shrinkage.

This way is popularly known to be adopted by people who only desire to shrink their rayon a little bit and also those who want to shrink their rayon in a uniform way.

Gradually and cautiously let out excess water from your material after washing and dry it outside for air.

Avoid causing wrinkles in your material and stretch it out even when trying to dry it outside for air.

Drying rayon in the dryer is also a very good way of shrinking it but it also has its own disadvantages.

The dryer should be in its low-temperature setting because medium or high-temperature settings can totally damage the material.

The rayon should be left in the dryer until it dries. This will surely give you the amount of shrinkage you want.

How to Shrink Rayon

Ways to Prevent Shrinking of Rayon

Only dry cleaning of rayon should be allowed. Using the washing machine with medium/high-temperature settings and hand-washing in warm or hot water should be totally avoided.

No rough squeezing after washing.

High temperatures [heat] should be totally avoided.

Wrap up on How to Shrink Rayon

Heat, moisture, and water are basically the main cause of shrinkage in rayon. All these will naturally cause rayon to shrink and also cause it to lose both its shape and size.

Above are ways to shrink rayon and also ways to prevent permanent or fatal shrinkage. So, this will be the wrap-up of the guide on how to shrink rayon.

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