How to Shrink Stretchy Jeans

You will need to learn how to shrink stretchy jeans because this kind of jeans is becoming more and more popular in the market nowadays.

Although, stretchy jeans are still new compared to jeans like skinny jeans, boot-cut jeans, and so on.

How to Shrink Stretchy Jeans

People are really going for stretchy jeans compared to the other jeans we have today.

People are starting to request and find how to shrink their lovely stretchy jeans and this is what we will be delivered through this guide.

This guide will center mainly on how to shrink any stretchy jeans and not just on how to shrink these jeans but also on how to shrink them properly.

Some people might choose to go to a tailor to shrink their stretchy jeans which is actually just an alternative because you can actually do it yourself.

There are a number of good ways on how to shrink your stretchy jeans and these ways are easy and do not cost any amount of money.

People all have different reasons for wanting to shrink their stretchy jeans and as a quick tip on how to shrink stretchy jeans, it is known that wearing and washing your jeans can loosen them a bit and also shrink them.

And this method does not only go for jeans but also other clothing materials. And it should be known that shrinking does not cause permanent shrinkage most time.

A permanent shrinkage can be termed as totally damaging your cloth which is why you should learn the proper way of shrinking your cloth and jeans that will be discussed in this guide.

Shrinking Stretchy Jeans Using Washing Machine/Dryer

A washing machine or even a dryer can be used to shrink stretchy jeans. And in this guide, we will be explaining how this can be done.

And this method is agreed to be the easiest and simplest among the other methods used to shrinking any stretchy jeans.

The first important step in using either a washing machine or dryer to shrink your jeans is to check the tag or label of your jean and be sure of the kind of materials it is made up of.

And as for the next step, the stretchy jean should be put into the washing machine with very hot water or set in the hottest water settings.

Every other necessary stuff should be added to it and the washing machine should be set in its highest washing cycle.

And after this washing cycle, the dryer should also be set in its highest temperature settings when it is about to be used to dry off your jean.

This process can also be repeated until you get your desired size and it is essential to know the type of materials your jean is made of before using either the washing machine or the dryer.

Other Ways and Methods to Shrink Jeans that are Stretchy

There are surely other ways and methods to shrink stretchy jeans apart from the one we’ve discussed above.

We have other methods to shrink stretchy jeans and these methods are the boiling method, the shoestring method, the spraying method, and so on. But most of these methods have something in common which is heat.

It is certain that heat is the major and most common factor that aid in the shrinking of stretchy jeans and also every other fabric material.

Final Thoughts on Shrinking Stretchy Jeans

The methods mentioned above on how to shrink stretchy jeans are the most common and easiest ways and methods to shrink them.

As it is said most of these methods have to do with heat which gives us the key factor on how to shrink stretchy jeans.

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