How to Unshrink Clothes

In this guide, we will teach you some basic steps on how to unshrink clothes. Most of us if, not all of us have once in a time shrink clothes unintentionally.

Even though you intentionally shrink your clothes, there might be a time, you will wish to unshrink them and this is where this guide on how to unshrink clothes comes in.

How to Unshrink Clothes

The basic and important thing that aids in the shrinking of our clothes is heat either from the dryer, washing machine, iron or, even the sun.

And if any of these cause clothes to shrink, we will be teaching you some basics methods on how to undo this damage.

A fact to be known is that in comparison, natural fibers are more likely to shrink faster than synthetic fibers.

How to Unshrink Clothes – What Causes Shrinkage of Clothes

Before we proceed to talk fully on how to unshrink clothes, we will quickly talk about things that cause shrinkage of clothes although, it has been talked about briefly above.

And as stated above that natural fibers are more likely to shrink faster than synthetic fibers and they also take time to dry compared to man-made fibers.

Heat is the main cause of the shrinking of clothes, all other factors are just aided factors. Drying a cloth for too long in the dryer is likely to cause it to shrink.

Water is also known to cause the shrinking of clothes although, it needs some other factors like washing of the cloth.

Clothes are said to shrink in hot water but this depends on the quality and type of the fibers that the cloth is made up of.

And the best-known way which is also recommended to avoid the shrinkage of clothes is to know the type of materials the clothes are made up of and the best way to know this is by reading its label.

How to Unshrink Clothes – Steps in Unshrinking Clothes

Below will be some major steps on how to unshrink your shrunk clothes;

  • The first step is to get a bowl that is very clean with lukewarm water. And add shampoo or soap to this lukewarm water inside the bowl.
  • The use of this shampoo is to soften and relax the shrunk clothes and it will also cause the shrunk clothes to stress.
  • The next step is to dip the shrunk clothes completely into this lukewarm water with shampoo or soap and it should be left there untouched for about 30 minutes or even more than 30 minutes.
  • Then after this long period of time, the shrunk clothes which would have by now be stressed and relaxed should be brought out of the lukewarm water. And be very careful not to rinse it at all.
  • The now relaxed and softened clothes should be placed on a flat surface preferably a bath towel.
  • This is to reduce the water in your clothes by rolling it up for around 10 to 20 minutes and be careful not to dry your clothes out through this method.
  • Another bath towel should be used to stretch the clothes causing them to unshrunk and return to your desired size. This method can be repeated until you get your desired size.• Lastly, air-dry these clothes after getting this desirable size of yours. The dryer should be avoided in order not to cause shrinking in your clothes again.

How to Unshrink Clothes – Final Thoughts

These steps should be followed carefully in order not to cause another damage to your clothes and it is highly advisable to check the label of your clothes before using, drying, washing, and ironing them.

As the saying goes that it is better safe than sorry which means it is important to know the type of materials your cloth is made up of in this case.

This will be the wrap-up on this guide about how to unshrink clothes.

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